Yawn, you’re thinking, another boring home party; but that’s where you’re so, so, wrong.  A Feeling Sexy Passion Party is definitely not the same as your Mom’s boring Tupperware party!

We have products that wiggle and jiggle, and will make you giggle, when you’ve finished blushing that is....

Never been to a Passion Party before and what the heck is a Passion Party anyway?  It’s an informative and fun in-home presentation by a Feeling Sexy Passion Party Consultant, who shares products and tips that can empower and enhance your sex life. It’s unlike any girls' night you've ever been to and it’s a great way to have some serious fun, and get some insightful sex ed.

Your Feeling Sexy Consultant will run through a range of quality products – from seductive, sexy lingerie to bondage and pleasure toys; allowing you to touch, taste and feel the products for yourself! It usually takes about one and a half hours and there will be games that will have you in stiches with laughter.

After exploring all the goodies, you and your guests can then place your orders. Our party prices are better than any online prices!

Your Feeling Sexy Consultant will help you fill out the order form as well as collect your delivery and payment details.  You can pay for your goodies with cash, credit or debit card.

Orders will generally arrive within 5 days of the party. And don’t worry – our postage is discreet –  our name does not appear on the couriered item – so you can even have it sent to work!

At Feeling Sexy we believe that "tasteful" and "sexy" can exist together and we also want to share our knowledge on the health benefits that sex and orgasms can provide!  We welcome any questions about our products, intimacy, seduction, relationships, and pleasure…

Make it part of your Bachelorette Party, Ladies Night, Pamper Party, Birthday Party or any other party you want to have to really heat it up.

You not only get to have your friends over; you also earn FREE and discounted products. As a Feeling Sexy Party Hostess you can earn FREE merchandise and other incentives.

But you say, hosting a get together can be stressful and I don’t have the time to organise everything - the theme, the invitations, the decorations. Not a problem, we’ve got it covered. Why? Because your Feeling Sexy Passion Party Consultant, will make it easy for you!

Worried about the theme? Passion is the theme. Worried about decorations? Let the Feeling Sexy Passion Parties' products be the decorations. Worried about invitations? You give us your guest list and we’ll send them for you. But what about the food???? We can take care of that for you as well.  Check out our Naughty Catering for details of all the yummy and naughty food we can provide.  All you will need to do is be there and provide a private space for confidential consultations after the party.

So to summarise, at a Passion Party

  • You can earn free products and hostess-only gifts.  Yes, FREE products!
  • Have a great time with your friends!
  • Learn about sex, love and relationships
  • We provide the fun, the entertainment and the prizes
  • You provide the guests and the place.

Our parties are Tasteful, Educational, and ALWAYS FUN!!!
Follow the links below to get even more information on how you can host your own Feeling Sexy Passion Party:

Passion Party F.A.Q.

So are you ready to Party?  Click here to book your party now!