Frequently Asked Questions


So you're thinking about having a Feeling Sexy Passion Party and have some questions? Here are answers to the most commonly asked questions but don’t panic, if there's something we haven’t answered please feel free to email or call us!

Q. What kind of people host or attend to these Passion Parties?
A. All kinds of people attend to our parties: teacher, stay-at-home moms, executives. Basically anyone who enjoys or wants to enjoy sex.

Q. Who buys sex toys?
A. You would be surprised! It could be your friends, the hair salon owner down the road, your boss, your neighbours... or that sexy new co-worker that you’ve been fantasising about.

Q. How much does it cost to have a party?
A. R650 plus travel costs

Q. Do I get anything for having a party?
A. YES! Our hostesses get a FREE gift and lots of incentives. We LOVE our hostesses - see our Hostess Rewards for details.

Q. What type of parties can I host? Ladies-Only, Co-Ed, Couples, Gay?
A. It’s your Choice! Feeling Sexy offers you the unique opportunity to host the type of parties YOU are comfortable with.
Over the years, parties have primarily been intended for women to enjoy a night out with the ladies and it was a great way for them to spend some time away from their partner and children. But now more and more couples and men want to be a part of the party. Men enjoy sharing the experience of selecting the items with their partner, and having the excitement build towards using the items when they get home. The Couples Party offers partners a chance to view items together in a non-threating environment and to learn about products they are sometimes too embarrassed to ask about. All attendees must be 18 years or older, and if men are present, you will need to confirm with your hostess that all guests are aware there will be men in attendance.

Q. What kinds of products do you bring?
A. We bring a nice sampling of lingerie, lubricants and massage products, and of course the very popular vibrators and toys.

Q. How long does a party last?
A. About 1.5 hours plus ordering time.

Q. Do you play fun games?
A. You bet! We want everyone to have a great time!

Q. Do you actually 'demonstrate' the products?
A. Can you say 'gross'?!?! This isn't that kind of party - totally tasteful all the way.

Q. How many people do I invite?
A. Invite as many as you can but no less than 10.

Q. How do people order and how can we pay?
A. We offer individual, discreet ordering with one on one consultations after the demo and we accept cash, major credit and debit cards and EFTs.

Q. Does everybody go home with their stuff that night?
A. Not always; it comes via courier in less than a week. We offer way too many wonderful goodies for us to carry around.

Q. So how does everybody get their stuff?
A. Easy! It gets delivered straight to the customer - very discreet!

Q. What would the delivery fees be?
A. We use a courier and for orders of more than R500, delivery is free.  Other orders will depend on where your order is delivered to

Q. What happens if I have friends who couldn’t attend the party? Can they still order?
A. YES! Your party will be open to take orders as soon as you schedule your party date. Your party may also remain open for a few days after. Remember, you don't want to keep your party open too long, as your guests will be anxiously awaiting their purchases.