Burlesque Dancing


Burlesque Parties make for a super sexy and memorable way to celebrate any occasion.
Choose from one of our 3 themes for a glamorous evening you and your friends will never forget.

·    1920’s Charleston Party

All about 1920's flapperesque fun the Charleston party is hosted by a gorgeous 1920’s flapper. You will learn some marvellously authentic Charleston moves & a 20’s routine fit for a showgirl.

R1350 / R1700

·    BOA Burlesque

Get bumping and grinding with your gorgeous burlesque host. To get you in character all guests will get their own scintillating stage names. After mastering some burlesque poses you will learn how to work a tool of the tease with a feather boa routine.

R1750 / R2000

Including Boas, Garters and Gloves R2050 / R2300

·    Cabaret Chair Party

Get a taste of the fabulously glamorous routines of Vintage cabaret. You will learn a fun and amusing chair routine and no previous dance experience is required.

R1550 / R1800

Excludes Travel fee.